GIC Youth Program

Our aim Insha’Allah is to empower the youth through self-development, a gradual and encompassing process that develops character and a heightened sense of empathy and self-awareness. As Gandhi once said, this ability to initiate change within ourselves before we change the world around us is a tool that the youth need to be equipped with in order to face the many challenges surrounding them. By working with them to develop these values, we allow them not only to become more effective humans, but better Muslims positively contributing to the greater society. Just as how Prophet Muhammed (sas) built the character of his companions before he built larger institutions, our goal is to build the youth from inside out, and then challenge them to become leaders and changemakers.

One of the ways we accomplish this is through bridging Islamic teachings with practical applications. We acknowledge the day-to-day pressures and challenges that most kids face from school and society. We have open discussions and interactive activities that encourage the students to voice their personal experiences. It’s through this honest dialogue that provides the youth with guidance and an Islamic perspective on how to appropriately deal with these issues.

Our lead coordinators for the youth programs have been brought up and raised in the US and have a deep understanding of the challenges facing the youth today. This mentorship creates a safe environment for the students, who find it easier to relate and connect with their coordinators.

A portion of our program is geared to encouraging the youth to give back their time to the community, and instill a spirit of volunteerism and citizenship.

Boys Youth Program

Islamic learning – Islamic Videos by renowned scholars & discussion

Self Development – Book Discussion – 7 Highly Effective Habits of Teens

Youth Mentorship

Team building – Outdoor Sports – Basketball & Soccer

Building Peer Friendships – Fun Activities like Bowling, Movie N Pizza Night, Laser Tag etc

Community Outreach (Nursing Home, Soup Kitchen, Global Soap Factory)

Teachers/Mentors: Ahmed Salim & Hanif Omar

Girls Youth Program

Islamic Learning – Quran Weekly, Weekend Learning, Great Women In Islam with discussion

Youth Guidance and Leadership Development – Inspirational Videos, Hands on Exercises, Interactive Sessions on Leadership and Character

Youth Mentorship

Building Peer Friendships – Fun Activities like Ice Skating, Bowling, etc

Community Outreach (Nursing Home, Soup Kitchen, Global Soap Factory, Hunger Walk)

Teachers/Mentors: Umber Hanief & Sameera Omar

To register your child (ages 14 and up) or for more information on the program, please contact Br. Hanif Omar at 770-906-1581 or Nasim Omar at 770-906-1458