GIC Sunday School

Mission Statement:

To serve the greater Atlanta community by, InshaAllah, raising a generation of American Muslims that are tolerant, knowledgeable and confident ambassadors of Islam as well as effective leaders in our community. Our programs continuously strive to create a positive, nurturing environment of fellowship and education for our youth so that they can flourish under the guiding principles of Islam while serving those in need in the community.

Function of GIC Sunday School:

To serve the youth in our community by offering fellowship, religious classes, community outreach opportunities and other positive character building programs.

Responsibility of Sunday School Committee:

  • Organize and manage a weekend learning curriculum and a youth outreach program for the children of GIC.
  • Organize various youth activities throughout the year (e.g. bake sales, Family Fun Nights, Parent Meetings etc.)
  • Collect tuition and fees; budget (ie payroll, accounts receivable and expenses) presented to GIC Board regularly.
  • Decide how budget surplus will be allocated for future youth programs/needs.
  • Regularly report general class statistics, school needs and budget concerns to GIC Board of Directors.
  • Provide regular feedback and training opportunities to all instructors and staff.
  • Maintain staff (hiring, firing and disciplining as needed)
  • Provide feedback to parents regarding student progress and/or concerns.